Seaside Park, New Jersey


Seaside Park

This wonderful New Jersey beach community is located near the southern end of the Barnegat Peninsula. It is located between two very wild places. To the north is the busy Seaside Heights, host to a large boardwalk and two amusment piers. The attratactions of Seaside Heights attract a much different crowd than the family oriented, and much quieter, community of Seaside Park. To the south is found Island Beach State Park. Its wildness is held in its preservation and conservation of the Barnegat Peninsula barrier island habitats as they once were. Before the "improvements" and development that now fills most of the land on barrier islands up and down the east coast.

The community of Seaside Park is the largest, in terms of permanent population, of all the Barnegat Peninsula beaches. There are more than 2000 full time residents. This number does of course increase during the summer. There is quite a divide between southern Seaside Park and the rest of the town. The southern area is comprised of tightly-packed tiny vacation homes that are lined up down skinny sandy roads. The rest of Seaside park is much fancier when compared with this area. There are both modest and quite large homes in town, commercial establishments and a few churches along Central Ave (Route 35), and the large and prominent municipal building.

To the west is Barnegat Bay and there are a number of nice public spaces to enjoy yourself there. There are fishing and crabbing docks, the Seaside Park Yacht Club, and a few recreational parks with playgrounds.

The ocean and beach is of course the main attraction for many residents and summer visitors. The wide boardwalk that separates the beach from the Ocean Ave provides an interesting persepective - it is raised above the street and, on the ocean side, is mostly blocked off from the beach by sand dunes. There is a path through the dunes every so often and this provides a walk way access to the beach and the ocean.

You can find out more about Seaside Heights by visting the Borough government web site.

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